Boiler Repair

Proven Under Pressure

Boiler maintenance by Schwartz Boiler is your answer for commercial or marine boiler service and repair. Our boiler maintenance team can assist you with ASME code welding, tube repair and replacement, National Board authorized repairs and alterations, hydrostatic and non-destructive testing services to ensure your boiler is running efficiently.

Premium Commercial Boiler Maintenance

The boiler repair team at Schwartz Boiler understands that the boiler is the heart of a ship or industrial factory, and repairing it requires highly skilled professionals. The boiler repair service team at Schwartz Boiler has been providing repair services for 115 years. Our team of qualified boilermakers follow OSHA safety standards and all jurisdictional codes during their performance of work. 

Schwartz Boiler maintaines a large inventory of repair support equiment to complete your boiler repairs on time and within budget.

Full-scale Boiler Repair Service

Offering full-service marine and industrial boiler repair services, our boiler repairmen are experts in boiler re-tubing and welding. We offer heat exchange and condenser re-tubing, stack and breeching work, hydrostatic testing and waterleg repairs, cast iron section replacement, ultrasonic thickness testing, coil repairs and ASME Code pipe installation and alterations. We can assist with boiler cleaning and tube turbining, and non-destructive testing services. Our boiler maintenance services include installation of superheater & generator bank tubes. Schwartz Boiler can provide refractory repairs or renewals to most types of boilers. A unique service that we provide is repair by hot riveting, renewal of threaded staybolts, and plate caulking of lap seams. We maintain the National Board "R" stamp certificate of authorization for repairs and alterations and a State of Michigan class IV boiler repair license, which allows us to repair all high pressure boilers.

Reliable Commercial & Military Ship Repair

Beyond industrial boiler maintenance, our team specializes in dockside & in-transit repairs to commercial, governmental and military ships. Our vessel maintenance crews work to precise American Bureau of Shipping and United States Coast Guard regulations to help reduce costly, unscheduled downtime. During our 115 year history of ship repair, we have worked on vessels including the US Coast Guard Cutters Mackinaw, Biscayne Bay, Morro Bay, Katami Bay and Buckthorn.  SBS has completely retubed the boilers and surface condensers aboard the SS Alpena, SS Badger and SS Iglehart.  We contract with all major fleets in the Great Lakes Region including governmental branches of the Department of Interior and Department of Transportation.

Recently SBS has performed dockside contacting that involves ship board crane repair, main engine & motor maintenance, mooring bitt and deck alterations, steering gear overhauls, XVDR installation, shore power connections, life raft installations, ABS special machinery surveys, tank cleaning & ship yard competent daily certification .  Work also included removal of propulsion shafting and replacement of cutless bearings, sandblasting and coating of hulls and interior compartments, sea chest piping renewal including through hull fittings.  Main diesel engine (MDE), ship service diesel generator(SSDG) and boiler exhaust stack uptakes mechanical cleaning.  

Schwartz Boiler takes pride in being able to provide turn key repair services.  Our crew have the ability to meet your vessel at any port with our boom truck, rig and remove your damaged equipment to repair facilities, and return them to the port of your choice.  To accomplish our mission we are continuously updating our equipment inventory to maintain a competitive edge and provide industry leading service.