Blasting & Painting

Committed to Quality

Sandblasting and painting services by Schwartz Boiler of Cheboygan, Michigan help bring your equipment back to life. Any metal is prone to rust over time as it is exposed to water and air and our industrial sandblasting and painting services help mitigate those problems.

Excellence in Sandblasting & Painting

Our team of sandblasters and painters provide you with high quality work through attention to detail with tight specs and tolerances in a controlled sixty-foot blast and paint booth environment. Sandblasting services are offered by our sandblasting and painting experts in building restoration, marine, commercial, industrial, or residential building and equipment projects.

Mobile sandblasting and painting services from Schwartz Boiler can put your mind at ease about rusted heavy equipment. Our industrial sandblasters offer sandblasting and painting services on trucking fleets, municipal equipment, logging trucks and farm equipment, yacht bottoms and vessel repairs, heavy equipment, ready-mix trucks, and rust and corrosion on tanker trucks.  Structural steel and fabricated items, LP tanks and trailers, graffiti removal, swimming pools, ski lift components, and smoke and fire damage, antique automobiles are among many of the items we have successfully restored.

Residential Sandblasting & Painting

Our mobile sandblasting and painting services go beyond commercial and industrial. Our residential sandblasting team will take on most projects.  Our residential services provide blasting and coating applications that include media types such as corn cobb, walnut shell, soda blasting, glass bead blasting, as well as other forms of media to obtain the desired blast profile.  

Industrial Blasting & Coating

Industrial blasting and painting services can be customized to meet your specific industry needs. Our mobile blasting team can begin by cleaning rust from large fabricated items with abrasive blasting and then move to priming and top coat painting. You can also rely on our blasters to polish delicate stainless steel fabrications with the glass bead blasting methods, to remove weld discoloration. 

Blasting and painting services from Schwartz Boiler will allow you to speed up your turnaround time. We work on projects with ship and marine contractors, municipal customers for waste water treatment plants, heavy equipment, trucks, bridges, railings, buildings, and machinery. Our blasting and painting experts specialize in graffiti removal, manufacturing and contract blasting, cleaning gas and oil facilities, and plant maintenance for cleaning of equipment.

Contact our team of blasting and coating experts to learn how we are committed to quality. Call 231-627-2556 for 24/7 service.